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News & Events - 1 Million Hours


March 31, 2009
At some point during the month of May 2009, K-Line Maintenance & Construction Ltd (Ontario) will reach the 1 million hour marker—not having had a recordable lost-time injury (LTI) reported to the Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).  It is tough to mark exactly when this will happen.  

Counting all of the hours to the end of March 31st, 2009, K-Line Ontario had reached 972,592 total hours without a lost-time injury.  Depending on the total number of hours, overtime hours, and the Easter holiday weekend over the month of April, it may be the first couple of days in May (probably by the time you read this newsletter).  

Tracking the number of hours without lost-time is a lagging indicator—one that measures performance in the past. More important indicators are the types of things and indicators companies (and their managed safety systems) are doing to ensure injury-free performance into the future.

So, what types of things is K-Line doing to ensure improved managed safety into the future?  

"It's good to recognize the past and past performance.  It is where you are going and what you will be doing that is more important."

What kind of things are we tracking as part of our safety program?  

Through the Integrated Management System (IMS), K-Line is standardizing all policies, procedures, standard operating practices, and forms.  A formal system of audits and inspections (part of the IMS) will look for areas to improve.  Special attention paid in conducting and participating in tailboards is a key component in the field.

Reviewing and learning from incidents and near misses reported from inside (and out) of the organization.  Tracking the trends and looking for similar causes to build programs to respond to our weak areas.  Placing a strong focus on safety meetings—and ensure full attendance of all employees each month on safety meetings.  

Reaching the 1 million hour milestone takes a committed and hard working organization that looks out for our own safety and the safety of our co-workers.  This is a tremendous achievement that requires the participation of everyone in the organization.  

Congratulations to all K-Line employees, keep up the good work and the continued commitment and dedication to managed safety.
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